All residents at Botanica McDowall can customise their day to day life through cutting edge home automation and technology with all designer town homes including the following features:-


The industry leading sustainable design features that Metro Property Development has adopted for the construction of Botanica McDowall ensures that the quality of life is maximised for all residents whilst still harmonizing with the local environment through the conservation of energy, resources and the recycling of materials.  All designer town homes at Botanica include the following sustainable features :-

– Solar power system including electric vehicle charging point

– Main power board upgrade for solar- Paint system (Lowest VOC in the market)

– Reverse cycle ducted multi zoned air conditioning over conventional split systems

– High efficient LED lighting throughout

– 100% wool carpets with low VOC

– Eco friendly concrete – flyash additives at 30% volume to reduce the carbon footprint

– Low flow tapware fittings to conserve water

– All kitchen appliances include high energy efficiency to minimise energy output

– Generously landscaped surrounds with mature planting will create a green oasis

surrounded by nature.

– Botanica McDowall also includes its own major nature reserve and communal green

spine within the development.

Life becomes effortless with advanced technology intergration, from solar energy powering your home to smart displays you are able personal yourspace and comfort.

Smart Home

Reimagine living with Botanica Mcdowall as we average innovation by building smart homes of the future by utilising powerful home automation systems.

Solar Panels

Solar panels on your home is one of the cleanest sources of energy and can help reduce electricity bills, add value to your property and is better for the environment.

Air Conditioning System

Let your Botanica home know when it can expect you home so it can prepare for your return with a perfect temperature setting.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Botanica continues to blossom ever greener. Your home comes ready for the transition to the electric transportation revolution; every townhouse is equipped with a charging station to allow connectivity for your electric vehicle.

Lighting Control

Sit back and relax; lighting in the main living and master bedroom of your Botanica home can be controlled from your hand held device with a range of settings and selectable moods.

Energy Monitoring System

Invest in a greener future home. Monitor your usagelevels in real-time and check on historical data to help minimise your environmental impact.